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Ever jumped rope in cycling shoes?

It sucked. Until now. Tiem Athletics makes a shoe that doesn't look or act like a cycling shoe until you need it to.

The clips are built into the sole, so you can do things like burpees, skipping rope, shopping for groceries,and dancing.

Great idea, great product and great folks to work for. We thought a great film and some social media would help get the word out.

Sara Dassel found us this beautiful studio space in Newton, MA (we thought we’d have to go to Brooklyn). And as you can see, we truly lucked out with the weather - nearly an entire of day of natural light. Huge storms moved in the next day.

This is Stacey.

She was a trooper. She said after the shoot that this was the hardest workout she's had. Somehow that is hard to believe.

For this shoot, we decided to break out the old Leica with its amazing Leica lenses. For handheld shots we used DJI's amazing stabilized X5R. Raw 4k files for most of the shoot, except when we needed some high speed. Overheads, tracking shots, jib shots, we did it all and still wrapped primary shooting at 3PM!

For social media and print Dave shot with Canon's 5DSR with the gorgeous 85mm 1.2. Huge and tasty files at over 50 MP.

This is what happy clients look like. Not sure if all our jobs will end with dancing, but here's to hoping.And it was truly a great day of shooting with our friends from TIEM. And when we say friends, we actually mean it. After all, this is a company that I named a couple of years ago at a cocktail party. It’s the phonetic spelling of the owner’s initials, Tracy McLeod. Get it TM, aka Tiem.

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