About Us

Concept. Execution. Truth.
Respectively with 30+ years in production and creative direction, our unique experience allows us to bring real expertise to every step of the process.
We direct, shoot, and edit everything we make, ensuring the ultimate quality. If required, we are also available for concepting. It's all about what's best for the project.
We report to one boss: the idea expressed in the most effective manner conceivable.
We are TruthBullet.








Silver Lion


2017 Communication Arts

Photography Annual

The Good Gallery - Phoenix

2014 Cannes Lions International

Tullamore Dew - The Parting Glass

Silver Lion

2008 AICP Award

Burger King - Americas Favorite

Silver Lion

2006 Cannes Lions International

Burger King - Americas Favorite

Silver Lion

2004 AICP Best Campaign

Citibank - Outfit, Flaps, Geek

2003 AICP Award Best Editing

Volkswagen - Squares

2002 Cannes Lions International

Volkswagen - Squares

Bronze Lion


2001 Cannes Lions International

Volkswagen - Ransom

Gold Lion

2000 AICP Award Best Editing

Volkswagen - Chase

2000 AICP Single Commercial

Volkswagen - Pink Moon

2000 AICP Award Best Campaign

Volkswagen - Pink Moon, The Great Escape, Chase

1999 AICP Award Best Editing

Volkswagen - Synchronicity

1998 AICP Single Commercial

Volkswagen - Sunday Afternoon Da Da Da

1996 American Cinema Editor Award

Looking For Richard

Best Editing in a Documentary